We realize that every client is different and each will require an action plan that is custom tailored to fit those needs.  We price our consulting services on a project basis with fees beginning at $200.  We offer counsel in a number of areas, Including:

For Artists:

The primary job of an artist is to create art.  We assist artists with the many
 other facets of their careers which often interfere with their valuable studio
 time.  We can provide market analysis, assist with finding the right pricing level
 and help guide each artist in the selection of the best sales venues for his or
 her work.  We can facilitate lasting relationships with individual collectors, as well
 as institutional collectors.  We have long standing connections in the museum world that can lead to inclusion in permanent collections, participation in
 exhibitions, or solo exhibitions.

For Collectors:

We help collectors begin, maintain, and enhance their collections.  We facilitate productive relationships with artists, galleries, auction houses, and institutions that serve to focus and refine collections.  We can serve as brokers to acquire
 key pieces of art, sell pieces that no longer mesh with the strengths of the collection, and represent our clients at auctions.  In addition, we can assist
 with vetting works of art and assessing the condition of the work.

For Institutions:

With thirty-eight years of experience in leading museums and other  organizations, Michael Duty offers expertise in a wide variety of
       management skills.  He has assisted both large and small 
institutions in developing their full potential as educational
 institutions.  Working with a talented group of experienced professionals, Michael Duty Fine Art can assist museums and other cultural organizations in the following areas:

  • Collections Planning, Assessment, and Deaccessioning
  • Executive Search and Interim Management
  • Governance and Leadership Development
  • Staff development and evaluation
  • Strategic planning