Art Sales


Our goal is to present high quality art directly from the artist to the collector and to continue to facilitate the artist/collector relationship.Our online gallery offers a diverse array of art that will appeal to a variety of tastes. Every artist on our site has been thoroughly vetted and appears by invitation only. We are very selective in who we choose to include in our gallery and strive to offer only works by the highest caliber of artists. We are constantly working to present the work of new and emerging artists as well. We present work in a wide variety of price points that will appeal to both the beginning and seasoned collector. All prices are set in consultation with each artist and are non-negotiable.

In addition to offering works by our gallery artists, we present special themed exhibitions approximately every two months.  These online exhibitions will include work by our regular artists as well as guest artists.  As in our gallery, prices for exhibition works are set in consultation with each artist.

While we specialize in original art directly from artists, we occasionally will offer items for resale from individual collections in an effort to help our clients refine and enhance their collections. These items will be selected through the same rigorous vetting process used to select our artists and our customers can be assured that all resale items have been thoroughly researched.