Appraisal Services


We offer complete appraisal services delivered by professionals in the appraisal field. We adhere to all professional standards under the guidelines of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). All appraisal reports are legal documents and are USPAP compliant. Michael Duty is a recognized expert in the field of American Western Art and well versed in current market values. In addition to his experience as a museum director and consultant, he has also had extensive experience in the auction field.

In addition to written reports that can be used for estate tax and insurance valuation purposes, Michael Duty Fine Art can provide estimates of current market value. Such assessments are not legal documents, but can be used to give the collector a general idea of current market value.

Prior to executing a letter of agreement to begin the appraisal process, an estimate of the time required to complete the process will be given to the client. We make every effort to estimate time needed as accurately as possible. Appraisals of collections will be billed at a total project cost and the parameters of the project will be developed in advance through consultation with the client.


Value Estimate $100.00
USPAP Compliant Report $200 per hour
Collections Appraisals TBD

We offer discounted rates for charitable and non-profit groups. Invoices must be paid upon completion of reports, both estimates and full appraisals. before reports will be delivered.